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(apologies to those who aren’t living in new york city – this is an event announcement) (it seems like there are many more radical purim extravaganzas going on all over the country, though, and i’m posting this announcement in part to encourage folks to think big and exciting for next year…) this year’s eighth-or-so edition […]

From an interview I did with Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Best Sex Writing 2008, about my essay in that book: Amy Andre has a master’s degree in human sexuality studies from San Francisco State University. She works as a sex educator and writer. What inspired your article “The Study of Sex?” I’m actually the […]

L’Shana Tova & Shabbat Shalom

Parsha Eikev

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It’s Sesame Street in Canaan! Blue skies, rolling hills, brooks, fountains – Oy! All we have to do is expel the people who live there and all good gifts will be handed to us. Did I hear somebody say, “We’ll be welcomed as liberators?” This parsha also warns us that YHWH’s affection for us arises […]

This week both YHWH and Versace are thinking priestly fashion. Moses and YHWH are still huddled within the cloud-topped Mount Sinai. Having spent last week laying out in precise detail, the structure She wants built, now She is waxing very specific about the attire of the cult priests who will supervise the bloody sacrifices She […]

I recently interviewed Jay Michaelson on Nehirim and his new book, God in Your Body. You can read an adapted excerpt from his book in the post below. Nehirim will be hosting their 2007 Spiritual Retreat from May 18-20, 2007 at the Elat Chayyim / Isabella Freedman in Falls Village, CT. I’ll be teaching/facilitating workshops […]

Constructing a Jewish Sex Ethic

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adapted from Jay Michaelson’s, God in Your Body: Kabbalah, Mindfulness and Embodied Spiritual Practice (Jewish Lights, 2007) I once heard a modest man bemoan the fact that it is human nature to have physical pleasure from sex. He preferred that there be no feeling of pleasure at all, so that he could have sex solely […]

Global Orgasm for Peace–Dec 22nd

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Yes, you’re reading right. My sister sent this to me the other day. Why not, I believe in energy. With the knowledge that two US Anti-Submarine Fleets are en route to the Persian Gulf, an activist couple are calling for the first annual synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace.The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by […]

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