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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beliefnet.com, Steve Waldman, did an interesting interview today on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, breaking down the culture war on the origin of faith, religious freedom and the founding of the U.S. Waldman “debunks myths about religion in the lives the Founding Fathers, and in the early history of America in […]

Putting aside fears of anti-Semitism to reclaim an old label First published on jew-ish.com It was a pretty normal Wednesday evening in early December. I had picked up copy of The Stranger right by Fuel on 19th — a coffee shop conveniently located near my overpriced two-room Capitol Hill apartment. After lighting candles with friends […]

At what point does “obeying the law” become the wrong thing to do? I recently pondered this question when coming across a bumper sticker with the following words: NO FENCE. NO BORDER PATROL. LAND MINES! Hmmm… One wonders if the person who decided to place this bumper sticker on their car has ever had a […]

Check it out: a “Work-in-Progress Documentary” called Outside the Box by Lacey A. Schwartz, exploring her mixed-race identity–being Black and Jewish in the U.S. (Presented by Gold Glass Productions)

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