so, summary: the haredi jews have declared a holy war on the jerusalem pride march. pretty much any horrific thing you can imagine has been used as a threat against the pride march — apples armed with razor blades, bombs, stabbings, murders, whatever it takes, right down to a kabbalistic curse. i am most terrrified by the promised violence, already taking shape in riots all throughout the haredi neighborhoods. this is a war against the gays.

tomorrow, evidently, 10,000 satmar jews are going to lobby the israeli consulate here in new york against the pride march. ten thousand. my coworker and dear friend rachel has been organizing left and right to get press to cover what is going on, to get clergy to denounce this religious bigotry, and when she told me about it i was horrified. the satmars don’t even like israel! don’t even acknowledge it! and yet here they come!

i find myself in the uncomfortable position of considering being at an israel-related rally for the first time in my life saying something other than “free palestine” or “end the occupation.” while all this is happening, israeli forces are killing civilians, again. in fact, as you can see in the above article, the incursions into palestine are being held up as a reason why the march might not happen. i find it fucking ridiculous that the riots in haredi jerusalem are being allowed to continue, given that we have all seen how israel deals with other kinds of civilian violence. were these threats — threats of death! — coming from the mouths of palestinians, they’d be dead or in custody.

i put this out here because i feel like people need to have the choice of whether or not they will attend the counter protest (3pm at the embassy as of the last i’ve heard), even as it makes me uncomfortable. i’m uncomfortable because there’s an assumption that, as a jew, i will have an opinion on this. i’m uncomfortable because i have a right to an opinion on this just for being jewish and in fact my commentary as a left wing jew is vital in countering this ridiculous hijacking of a religion i am a part of. i am uncomfortable with the assumption that i should care about this more than i might care about something similar because it is happening in israel. this holy war, this particular one, is about more than israel and palestine for me, but i know that comes from my own privilege.

so there you have it. how do you square these things away? i assume, erroneously i’m sure, that this blog has an anti-occupation bent. how do you deal with israel knowing that it is committing these atrocities and that it is an apartheid state? i am curious about this.