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While James Dobson’s Focus on the Family continues to cherry-pick and distort research on LGBT families, Soulforce and Truth Wins Out are raising the stakes to expose what they call a harmful and alarming disinformation campaign discriminating against American families. A week after Robynne Sapp and Dotti Berry were arrested as part of Soulforce’s new “Focus on the Facts” campaign, Truth Wins Out has launched a new Web site, “Dobson’s latest op-ed in Time was the last straw,? declared Wayne Besen, executive director of Truth Wins Out. “I called five different mainstream researchers, all of whom were floored that their research was being used to denounce LGBT families.?

Judith Stacey was one of them. “I’ve had to spend a lot of time correcting the record,? Stacey confirmed. “When Dobson says thousand of studies demonstrate that children do better with a mom and a dad, he is not talking about research that studied gay and lesbian parents. He is talking about children who were raised by two heterosexual parents versus children who were raised by a single heterosexual parent.?

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