I wanted to stop in from a flurry of taping and staple-gunning and painting and gluing and decorating and planning and volunteer coordinating to tell you, the JVoices world, about a very special Purimshpiel happening in New York this Saturday the 3rd:

Roti and Homentashn: The Palace Workers Revolt!

This is the JFREJ/Workmen’s Circle Purimshpiel, this year created by a body of genius artists while Jenny Romaine tours India doing street theater.

I have a lot to say about my thoughts and experiences — working in a tradition of Yiddish theater, working with some amazing Jewish artists, participating in a ritual that I never had a part in previously — but right now I am going to sleep so I can wake up and do it all again tomorrow. I highly recommend you come check this out — more information behind the cut.

Roti and Homentashn: A Purim Carnival Spectacular
Saturday, March 3rd, 8pm
Workmen’s Circle: 45 E 33rd St (4? 5? and certainly the 6 to 33rd)
Suggested Donation $12 — no one turned away for lack of funds or costume

You probably know the Purim story by now: king exiles queen, king picks new queen from harem of gathered young women, queen’s a secret jew, king’s prime minister wants to kill the jews, queen throws a feast, queen stands up for her people, prime minister hangs on the gallows he had built for someone else, jews slaughter the king’s army, everyone eats little pastries with fruit in the middle.

but who built the gallows? who made all the food? who soaked the young women in oil of myrrh? And where would our main players be without their silent (but silent no longer!) partners?

Come find out the story of all the work that goes into holding up the giant babies of royalty at Roti and Homentashn: The Palace Workers Revolt! See the world topsy turvy — see the story from a whole new angle. Help the wheels of justice turn faster! Watch the dance of the strollers! Eat delicious food! Drink lavish drinks! Avoid getting trampled by giant babies! Dance faster than you’ve ever danced before!

Featuring the creative genius of: Jennifer Miller, Rachel Mattson, Daniel Lang-Levitsky, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, members of Romashka, Adrienne Cooper, Aaron Alexander, Michelle Miller, Ariel Federow aka Miss JewSA, Aleza Summit, Abigail Miller, Michelle Kay, the Cultural Committee of Domestic Workers United, and many more — all under the watchful eye of that patron saint of Jewish spectacle, Jenny Romaine.

Produced in collaboration with Domestic Workers United and Great Small Works