I promise, soon, the link drops will end, but I wanted to post this as a follow up to Hagay HaCohen’s lead about ASWAT’s conference and the threats organizers had received.

HAIFA, Israel – Arab lesbians quietly defied Islamist protesters and a social taboo to gather at a rare public event Wednesday in a northern Israeli city.

Many of the attendees said they were sad that the only place safe enough to hold a conference for gay Arab women was in a Jewish area of Haifa, which has a mixed Arab-Jewish population. Israel’s Jewish majority is generally tolerant of homosexuality.

“This conference is being held, somehow, in exile, even though it’s our country,” said Yussef Abu Warda, a playwright.

Driven deep underground for the most part, only 10 to 20 Arab lesbians attended the conference, organizers said. Most blended in with Israeli lesbians and heterosexual Arab female supporters without making their presence known.

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