Because, the media needs to do more of it…and for the most part, I’m like, hell yeah, go ‘head Abrams!!! This came out a few days ago, but I still wanted to post it. Why?

Because, how often do you hear media pundits actually ask people to understand Jewish tradition and holidays, rather than make simplistic references and comparisons?

How much has John McCain gotten away with little to no critique of seeking out Hagee’s endorsement?

And Lieberman…don’t get me started…

Look, Dan is on point…but…yes, here’s the but…I couldn’t help but tilt my head every time he used language of the media being “soft” on McCain, and the “straight-talk express.” Let alone Cliff and his, “I don’t think it’s a gaff, I don’t even think it’s a gaffette.”

I can’t not tilt my head when folks are trying to call people out and rightly ask us to take a deeper look when the language quickly becomes threaded with issues of gender and sexuality. Of course, Feministing covers this best in vetting the media especially during this election. So yeah, I’m loving you Dan, but I’m not loving (and to be honest I have no idea what he’s talking about when he says) the “straight talk express.”