X-Posted Jewish City Chick

As I sit back and reflect on this new year (Jewish New Year), I can’t help but remember one of my goals from last year; And that was to increase my fun exercise, in other words to have fun while exercising. Let me explain, I spent seven years in the U.S. Army, nine years as a personal trainer, one year as a power lifter and two years as a bodybuilder. No, I am not that old, some of those events occurred simultaneously. Exercise has always been a part of my life, and it was how I earned a living, but it turned into work and somehow, I lost the fun I used to have. I lost the feeling I used to get when I entered my first gym in my 20’s, led my Military Police Company by singing cadence on a run, or hangin’ with the guys during a long ruck march or just lifting more freakin’ weight than the guys in the gym. And I lost the drive to do better, to be better, I stopped challenging myself because it ceased to be fun.

Now I bike commute on my single speed bike, trying to figure out ways to get around town while avoiding as many hills as possible. Not wanting to use my brakes on the downhills or stop at red lights for fear that I can’t make it up the one hill that I can’t avoid. I’m using my bike to run errands and using my car less and less and realizing that I don’t need a car (except to take my dogs to the vet). Not only am I seeing my bike as a source of transportation, I am having a blast. I wish someone would have told me a long time ago to dump the gears; and that a stripped down bike would be more fun. It’s probably something that you have to experience for yourself. The the closest that I can come to explaining it, is to say, that I truly feel like a kid again on a bike. You don’t have to worry about what gear you’re in, you just get on the bike and go where you want to go.

One more activity that I do and that has brought the fun back in my fitness life, I play 3rd base on a Kickball team, GO Powerballs and yes, I still lift weights but now I bike to the gym and I am all warmed up before I start my workout. I did it!! I have increased my fun exercise. BTW I haven’t completely abondoned my road bike, a discontinued Caloi, I will use that bike the next time I take a long ride, and hopefully the next long ride will be on the Silver Comet Trail.