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now, the statue of limitations on all of our semi-rational exuberance over the symbolism of the current presidency has not yet run out. i figure, based on my friends and family, that it has somewhere between three and nine months left. so i’m not expecting anyone to do anything about this right now. once the memories of the election-night street parties are a little bit more faded, though, it’ll be useful to have these pieces of information ready to hand.

Who: You What: Phone bank for Jim Martin from your house via my.barackobama.com or at a phone bank When: Over the next 4 days Why: HUGELY IMPORTANT Senate runoff in Georgia on 12/2. That’s right y’all, the election ain’t over. There’s a critical Senate runoff happening in Georgia on Tuesday between Democratic challenger Jim Martin […]

I want to hold this feeling for *at least* one day. No punditry. No analyzing the Jewish vote. Not today. Just pure, no holds bar pride in the sweeping landslide of the U.S. calling for hope and change, in electing Barack Obama, President of the United States. And don’t sleep on Michelle Obama! That the […]

Log Your Voting Stories Here

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Strong feelings abound everywhere today. From the voter I spoke with in Ohio today who said, “I already voted for Obama. I think he’s gonna bring it home, what do you think?” to the voter I spoke with in Florida last night who wanted to keep his vote private, there is no lack of strong […]

Vote! Vote! Vote!

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The picture’s just an added touch in case I hadn’t made it clear that I was voting for Obama, but, I think y’all knew that! And seriously y’all, no matter what party you’re doing the deed for, voter suppression is no joke! Do your part — vote — and protect the right to vote on […]

We’re getting down to the last 48 hours, and we’re not done yet. We know all too well that there are a number of things that can go wrong before and on election day to suppress people’s right to vote. That’s why dozens of organizations have come together, utilizing the powers of technology to create […]

A Prayer For Voting

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When I composed the first version of a voting prayer more than ten years ago, someone said to me that prayer doesn’t belong in a voting booth. But for me, nothing I do in civic life feels more like a sacred act than voting. It’s not just the ceremony of it, not even the aspect […]

Rita Lowenthal’s Story

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Big props to Progressive Jewish Alliance for sharing this story with the public. Lowenthal’s story not only dispels stereotypes, it’s an urgent and harrowing testimony to how incarcerating people with drug addictions is the wrong move. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office has stated that voting Yes on Proposition 5 will save California tax payers billions, […]

Today I attended this presentation: American Jews and the 2008 Presidential Election: Democratic and Liberal as Ever? Steven M. Cohen HUC, JIR, NYU, Sam Abrams Harvard, NYU Berman Jewish Policy Archive and NYU Wagner Steven M. Cohen has a new study out analyzing the relationship between being Jewish and voting Democrat. You already know that […]

McCain and ACORN

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Brad Friedman over at The Brad Blog deserves a major shout out for covering how just two years ago, in February 2006, McCain keynoted an ACORN co-sponsored immigration rally, calling the people in the room what makes America special. Now, McCain’s singing a different tune. I imagine folks are all too aware how, in his […]

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