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Sarah Lyhall of the New York Times reports that Britain’s Supreme Court ruled against a Jewish high school in London that had rejected an applicant because his mother wasn’t Jewish enough – and so, by extension, neither was he. Yep, she had chosen Judaism years ago and gone through a conversion process, but By all […]

Amid the brouhaha of a presidential campaign that has lasted nearly two years and the anxiety of a stock market meltdown that has lasted two months, it is to be expected that many people will invoke traditional religion for clairvoyance and guidance. But since when does any traditional religion ask us to pray before a […]

Y’all Ready for Saperstein?

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That’s right y’all. Tomorrow, Thursday night, Saperstein will be offering the opening invocation on the final evening of the Democratic National Convention, the night that Obama will give his historic nomination acceptance speech, on the 45th anniversary of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. No pressure, right? According to the Forward, this is quite probably […]

Noted author Garry Wills wrote an excellent book last year about American Christians. Or rather, ‘Head and Heart: American Christianities.’ After reading it, I was finally able to make sense of the relationship between seemingly disparate phenomena, such as: Where did Christian Zionism come from, and why is it strongest in the US? Why do […]

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Steve Waldman, did an interesting interview today on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, breaking down the culture war on the origin of faith, religious freedom and the founding of the U.S. Waldman “debunks myths about religion in the lives the Founding Fathers, and in the early history of America in […]