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I have a whole stack of DIY (Do It Yourself) Haggadahs at home. This week, I realized that so few of them are actually available online. So, I put out a call to folks a few days ago to share resources, for those who’d be willing to have their materials online, and did a little […]

I won’t do full justice to the plethora of resources out there, but here’s a sampling: Immigration Supplements: Our beloved social justice orgs all seem to have one theme this year: immigration, so take your pick of a haggadah supplement on immigration from JFREJ, JFSJ, or PJA. This past year we’ve seen an incredible growth […]

So many great resources out there for Pesach, but for those of us who are going home to families who will not talk about the occupation, we often feel this schism most deeply during holidays like Passover. We also often lack the tools for speaking with our families about the occupation in ways that our […]

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