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x-posted from Mondoweiss Michael J. Jordan has a great article over at the JTA talking about the contortions people are going through to avoid stating the obvious: Jewish and pro-Israel groups worked to undermine the Durban II conference. Although “it’s no secret who was behind the effort to discredit the 2009 Durban Review Conference in […]

Editor’s Note: We received feedback about an earlier post (“Freund’s Business of Farming Jews,” March 23) from Michael Freund, who was a subject of the piece. We asked the author, David Ramírez to read and respond to Freund. We are publishing both of their responses below. Can David Ramírez Let Go of his Hate? By […]

Wings, for Gaza

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A poem for National Poetry Month. This poem, Wings, for Gaza, was recorded, and first read, in January 2009 at a Poetry for Gaza benefit in Oakland, CA for the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

( brings you the full Haggadah, In Search of Freedom: Exploring Common Ground Passover Haggadah, for the first time online.) For the 14th year, the Milwaukee Area Jewish Committee’s African-American-Jewish Task Force held its annual African-American Jewish Seder. The seder has been led in synagogues, university libraries, senior centers, Jewish homes for the elderly, but […]

This Wednesday and Thursday, April 1 and 2, the University of Michigan School of Social Work will be hosting an impressive set of Jewish thinkers and activists, most of them quite progressive. It’s a conference to relaunch the university’s Jewish Communal Leadership Program, and to install professor Karla Goldman as Sol Drachler Chair of Jewish […]

Dan Kahn and The Painted Bird’s new album, Partisans and Parasites is an addictive collection by outstanding, creative musicians. Together, the fast-paced, high energy klezmer, and sharp, evocative lyrics – sung in Yiddish, English, German and Russian – are a necessary compass for navigating the endless moral riddles and inescapable paradoxes in which we live. […]

Although the war in Gaza has subsided, for now, the Israeli siege continues. Since the 2006 Palestinian Parliamentary elections, Israel and the United States have led a campaign of international sanctions against Hamas and the elected Palestinian government. This campaign expanded in June, 2007 when Hamas assumed control of Gaza. Since then, Gaza has been […]

Multi-disciplinary performer Dan Wolf will be presenting this Sunday on art and identity at Inside the Activists’ Studio in San Francisco (which in full disclosure JVoices is a co-sponsor of again, and I will be presenting at as well). Currently a Resident Artist with the Hybrid Project at Intersection for the Arts, and a founding […]

The siege and destruction of Gaza is the political, humanitarian, and moral crisis of our time.

100% kosher

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x-posted from Jerusalem Post When the prospective converts I know heard that Jose Portuondo-Wilson (“Orthodox Convert Fights for Recognition”, October 5, The Jerusalem Post) was denied his right as an Orthodox convert to make aliya to Israel, they started rethinking their conversions. These converts scrambled yet again to find organizations to vet their baatei din […]

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