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I’ve been traveling through Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Sinai, Egypt. For various reasons, I wanted to wait before posting on JVoices, giving myself the opportunity to reflect, be as present as I could be in the moment, and also take a much needed break from always being plugged in to the computer. I must say, […]

There’s been a lot of news this week about the Israel-Hamas cease-fire. Much of the commentary dwells on the likelihood that it will be short lived. For those of us trying to make sense of the news, I thought it would be helpful offer a few resources on Hamas and the cease-fire. Can we support […]

Thank you Jewish Women Watching (JWW)! This cracked me up. It’s undoubtedly wedding season, and being in my late 20’s, I’m filled to the brim with weddings, and babies and all the nice straight Jewish families with the nice straight Jews procreating (and yes, even a few queer ones). I love my family and friends […]

I’m actually a bit surprised, being on the west coast and all, that I’d be the first one from what I can tell in the Jewish progressive blogosphere, let alone the Jewish blogosphere as a whole, to write about Obama’s clinching of the Democratic ticket as an absolutely historic moment in U.S. politics. Whether people […]

a jewish slant on slingshot calendars/day planners

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don’t ask me about the brown paper bag person. i have no idea. it doesn’t scream fabulous to me, but hey, i’ve never been an eco-punk kid myself.

I’m excited to report that two of my photos will be featured in the exhibit “Being Jewish”: A Bay Area Portrait in the new 63,000-square-foot, Daniel Libeskind-designed Contemporary Jewish Museum, in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena cultural district, which officially opens this Sunday, June 8th. For folks looking for an all night arts and culture Shavuos […]

Welcome a new edition to the Jewish queer blog family, Tirtzah: The Blog! Not only a blog, Tirtzah is “a community of frum queer women who gather to celebrate and study our yiddishkeit. We are committed to the value of shleimut (wholeness) and to supporting one another in observing a meaningful, integrated, honest and joyful […]

Take Three, or Four

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I’m back from my sister’s wedding festivities, so here we go! Working again to get this site up without getting it hacked, again. This has been truly a trying feat. One that undoubtedly makes a person, on the one hand, question if it’s worth keeping the site up, and on the other, think well, clearly […]

if the site hadn’t been hacked. ICE Raids hit the Bay Area a day after May Day, including scaring the shit kids at Berkeley schools After the exchange with Eden last week about transgender youth, I thought I’d plug this amazing, indepth interview series that NPR is doing right now on trans youth. Joseph Gindi […]

JVoices Back After Being Hacked

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Many of you noticed that JVoices was hacked this week. You might have seen images like a gray wolf or this lovely webbed, red skeleton looking item to the left that was meant to scare you away. It’s been quite a ride getting the site back up. For a moment, I had it running, but […]

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