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Wonders of Internet Links

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Yes, it’s true, I’m procrastinating a bit while at my MFA residency–actually I’ll say I’m taking a much needed break. Besides the wonders of being able to watch Ugly Betty online (see this is why I don’t have TV at home I get too distracted), I’ve come across some interesting new finds on the internet […]

Wife Swap

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A recently recorded episode of “Wife Swap” was playing on my television when I returned from work last night. This reality show identifies two families with diametrically opposed lifestyles, switches their matriarchs for two weeks, and allows chaos to ensue. In this episode, an insular Christian couple who wouldn’t let their 14-year-old daughter talk to […]

Nancy says “Just say no!”

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Doesn’t that sound familiar? Seriously, I just feel the need to say that I’m very pleased with Nancy Pelosi for her first accomplishment as speaker. No smoking in the lobby! It may seem trivial, given the actual issues that Congress should be dealing with, but the message it sends is valuable: This one small change […]

Second Hundred Hours

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I am away at my MFA writing residency, so I’m about to fully plunge into my world here, but before I do, I couldn’t not post this op-ed by Sally Kohn on the Democratic agenda, and her really poignant historical comparison and analysis in calling on Democrats to make a truly bold call for change […]

I watched the trailer and some of the other promo materials for the film Freedom Writers, and I started crying. Didn’t stop till it was over. I cried for the LA kids who were given the redemptive gift of writing, but also because their stories are exactly the same as the situation here. Palestinian kids […]

Parsha Vayechi

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Turning tables We begin with Judah pleading that Joseph take him into slavery in the place of his younger brother Benjamin. Joseph is moved. Then like Martin Landau in the old Mission Impossible TV series, Joseph finally ends the cruel deceptions and reveals his true identity to his stunned brothers. All 70 members of daddy […]

I received an interesting email this morning. My fellow chorister Mike Finesilver has decided on what is probably the most thought-provoking resolution I’ve encountered, and now I’m having a crisis of conscience. In the changing room at the gym, I overheard two (seemingly Gay) men talking. One mentioning that he was attending a wedding of […]

I try not to post events too, too much, but I didn’t want to pass this one up as SVARA is a great opportunity for folks who want to open themselves up to learning text, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. The first time I went was because friends dragged me. They saw […]

Parsha Mikeitz

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Joseph was always Jacob’s favorite, the son his beloved wife Rachel. Rabbi Reiss says after Rachel’s death Jacob substitutes Joseph as an “object of his special affection.” In this comic we imagine that once Jacob believes Joseph dead, Benjamin becomes the object of Jacob’s special affection. Meanwhile, back in Egypt, Joseph decides to have a […]

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