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Are Today’s Innovators “Leaders?”

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Bob Goldfarb, in his recent piece “Innovation, Management, and Leadership,” raises an interesting question about the relationship between “innovation” and “leadership.” He writes: “From a structural perspective… [innovators] have simply added independent, entrepreneurial elements to Jewish communal life that complement the established, centralized bureaucracies.” But is that really all they have done? Goldfarb points out […]

In a harsh assessment of the Brooklyn Syrian Jews published in The New York Times’ Sunday Magazine in October 2007, Zev Chafets painted a malignant picture of a community whose moral values had been warped by a vulgar materialism and a culture of greed. Rather than seeing itself as others saw it, the community rejected […]

Who Would You Have in Your Forward 50?

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The deadline is swiftly approaching for readers to submit their ideas for the next Forward 50. So why not readers, send in your favorite people to be added to the list and reviewed for the next round of Forward 50 before Friday, October 17th to forward50@forward.com. The Forward 50 has come to resemble an annual […]

Still blogging the New Israel Forum…. This title of this post was the title of a session I attended, with a wonderful panel of experts: Shifra Bronzwick, of Advancing Women Professionals in the Jewish Community Rachel Liel of Shatil (NIF’s nonprofit capacity building center in Israel) Fathi Marshood, who works for Shatil in the north […]

I’m off this weekend to attend the Righteous Indignation conference at Hebrew College. Dan asked me to present with him on online organizing, which is the bestest way ever to build a loyal friendship! When it’s my turn, I’ll talk about some of the things I love about the rise of online advocacy – the […]

When I heard that Leveling the Playing Field: Advancing Women in Jewish Organizational Life by Shifra Bronznick, Didi Goldenhar, Marty Linsky, and Beverly Joel (who did layout and design for the book) was out, I knew I’d want to get at least an excerpt for readers. While my experience in Jewish communal life is more […]

A few months ago I was contacted by the Professional Leaders Project about their Jewish leadership initiative, to not only help promote their Think Tank 3 and LiveNetworks program, but to also apply to attend. Knowing how so often leadership programs replicate leadership models I am less interested in propagating, I applied stating my values […]