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Chag Sameach, a happy pesach

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I don’t doubt we all have many elements to reflect on, moving from Mitzrayim, from those narrow places, to freedom. From personal to political, from individual to national, from national to global, may this time allow all of us the opportunity to restore, rejuvenate and build our collective path, and so we say, from all […]

Parashat Metzorah Cross-posted to Jewish Mosaic We’re in the middle of the book of Leviticus, in the middle of the torah, which means that we’re reading the instruction manual for the Levites in Temple times, detailing the knowledge necessary to carry out the job of the descendents of the house of Levi. On the surface, […]

Now, some of y’all know about my obsession with Project Runway and fashion, so while this isn’t *exactly* the same (damn if I’m not still quite lost to the Bay Area everything organic including your underwear and some sh*t phenomena–this event is gonna crack. me. up.), you know I couldn’t turn my girl Heidi down […]

Defending “bible truth”

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I’ve always been fascinated by the power of stories. And given that some of the stories I’ve known all my life come from the torah, those tend to be the ones that fascinate me the most. But even though I can talk about Isaac and Rebekah and their whole mishpocha as if they are my […]

I won’t do full justice to the plethora of resources out there, but here’s a sampling: Immigration Supplements: Our beloved social justice orgs all seem to have one theme this year: immigration, so take your pick of a haggadah supplement on immigration from JFREJ, JFSJ, or PJA. This past year we’ve seen an incredible growth […]

So, some of us go home to more progressive and radical anti-occupation families. With that, I offer Bradley Burston, Ha’aretz Senior Editor and recipient of the Eliav-Sartawi Awards for Middle East Journalism, an annual prize for Arab, Israeli and international journalists. He won this award for his piece, “Let their people go” which appeared on […]

So many great resources out there for Pesach, but for those of us who are going home to families who will not talk about the occupation, we often feel this schism most deeply during holidays like Passover. We also often lack the tools for speaking with our families about the occupation in ways that our […]

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