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When the Israeli soldiers got out of Gaza, they left behind spray-painted messages over the walls of the half-destroyed houses that had been occupied by the army. You gotta wonder, where did they get these creative slogans of violence and hatred? It turns out that they may have been wearing them themselves. A new article […]

x-posted from the Jewish Chronicle In my Orthodox world, an ‘invisible mechitzah’ prohibits valuable friendships. I had tea with my friend David the other day. And it was fun. But when I told my husband that I went to tea with a classmate — a male classmate — his face was less than sunny. It […]

Julia Glassman blogs as The Girl Detective at Modern Mitzvot. Jay Michaelson responds below. I’ve attended an Orthodox service exactly once in my life, and I’ll never do it again. It was Yom Kippur during my year in France, when I was working as an au pair for a Parisian Jewish family. They’d wanted someone […]

If y’all didn’t already know about the Jewish Channel, you should check it out. Here’s one clip of former Forward Arts and Culture Editor, Alana Newhouse, now Editor of Nextbook (yup, if y’all didn’t know yet, now you know! Alana’s now the new Editor-in-Chief of Nextbook.) chatting it up with producer and author Abigail Pogrebin […]

Thank you Jewish Women Watching (JWW)! This cracked me up. It’s undoubtedly wedding season, and being in my late 20’s, I’m filled to the brim with weddings, and babies and all the nice straight Jewish families with the nice straight Jews procreating (and yes, even a few queer ones). I love my family and friends […]

In brief… Jen Sorensen is brilliant. So is LanguageLog’s Arnold Zwicky. The furor has mostly died down over Imus’ remarks about the Rutgers womens’ basketball players, as he has lost nearly every public forum. Over the last few weeks I read the outrage expressed everywhere and felt no need to comment on it myself. But […]

This is worth cross-posting from jspot: Rabbi Jill Jacobs gives us Letty’s List, written in response to Newsweek’s unfortunate Top 50 list: From Letty Cottin Pogrebin: (Jill’s note: granted–neither Devora Steinmetz nor Devorah Zlochower are rabbis, but given that both function as such in important ways & otherwise deserve to be on any list of […]

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for poetry month (why april, by the way? ‘the cruelest month’? ‘with his shoures soote’? please.), here’s the text of a talk by irena klepfisz – a fantastic poet in yiddish, english, and both at once, as well as an insightful essayist and deeply committed radical – from a 2006 conference at barnard college called “Jewish Women Changing America: Cross-Generational Conversations”. at the bottom is a poem from one of klepfisz’s books. a complete transcript of the “Changing Culture” panel that klepfisz spoke on (and the rest of the conference) is available online here.

Physician-assisted abortion after the 24th week of pregnancy is illegal in Massachusetts. Self-induced abortion, as it turns out, is illegal at any point during pregnancy, and could even lead to homicide charges.

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