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I’m finally posting a few stories that were in the cue. We’ll start with France. This was huge. Last Saturday, the night before International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, France became the first country in the world to no longer classify trans identities as a mental illness. Advocates in France have been putting the pressure […]

Prayer for Transgender Day of Remembrance

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I just came home from Transgender Remembrance Shabbat services at Sha’ar Zahav, and I just have to give it up again for Reuben Zellman, who reminded us that almost all Jewish ritual practice is filled with mixed emotions. I wish I had this prayer to share with all of you yesterday, this fabulous prayer penned […]

(Photo of S. Isaac Dowds) I chose the name “Isaac” as my legal name because it means “laughter,” and because I relate to Isaac’s story. It is what I do in times of adversity, a trait I inherited from my father. No matter how dire the circumstances, when the going gets tough, I laugh. A […]

I was getting message after message Monday about the horrible NY Post article on Joy Ladin’s return to her work at Yeshiva University. I didn’t want to write about it then. I was beyond annoyed at the sensationalist and grossly offensive reporting. I was also beyond annoyed that many didn’t discuss her accomplishments as a […]

if the site hadn’t been hacked. ICE Raids hit the Bay Area a day after May Day, including scaring the shit out of kids at Berkeley schools After the exchange with Eden last week about transgender youth, I thought I’d plug this amazing, indepth interview series that NPR is doing right now on trans youth. […]

I’m glad Eden has updated and clarified what he meant and thought by putting up his post on Dr. Spack and Camenker’s viewpoints, but saddened to see that he’s only linking to JVoices when he writes, “I disagree with those out there who think that there was something wrong with citing the exchange.” What was […]

Answer: By making it a debate of Jew vs. Jew, citing the Jewish doctor, Norman Spack, who works with trans youth in Boston, and pulling a quote by Brian Camenker, head of an ultra-conservative “family rights” organization in Boston called MassResistance. Not only did Eden not link to the original article in the Globe (here […]

I knew there would be nowhere else I would be today at 4pm than in front of my TV to watch Oprah. Why is today different from all other days? (sorry Oprah, I don’t usually watch ya!) Today, Oprah did a show on Thomas Beatie, a mixed race transgender man living in Oregon, who is […]

Please consider contributing an essay for an anthology on the subject of Jews and Transgender. I am eager to hear from representative Jewish voices in trans, gender variant and intersex communities. Persons of any gender or no gender or shifting gender, please feel welcome to contribute. Jews with no relationship to Judaism, secular Jews and […]

A few months back, Jewish Mosaic launched a new project, TransTexts: Exploring Gender in Jewish Sacred Texts, that Rabbi Elliot Rose Kukla and Rabbinical student Reuben Zellman have been working on for quite some time. I’ve had the honor and privilege of studying with both of these phenomenal teachers. They’ve both been incredible, and humble, […]