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JVoices is co-sponsoring an exciting upcoming free event in the San Francisco Bay Area! Here’s the scoop… I recently got a piece published in Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal. It’s an essay I co-authored with my friend Nzinga, about our experiences as African American Jews. She converted to Judaism, and I was born Jewish; so, […]

JVoices fondly acknowledges its contributors

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During last winter’s three-month strike of the Writer’s Guild of America, JVoices made a show of solidarity by committing to symbolically compensate its writers for posts made from New Year’s Day through June 30. Compensation has begun and eligible contributors have been contacted. Great blogging, while it may be provided free of charge, requires work. […]

Please consider contributing an essay for an anthology on the subject of Jews and Transgender. I am eager to hear from representative Jewish voices in trans, gender variant and intersex communities. Persons of any gender or no gender or shifting gender, please feel welcome to contribute. Jews with no relationship to Judaism, secular Jews and […]

From an interview I did with Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Best Sex Writing 2008, about my essay in that book: Amy Andre has a master’s degree in human sexuality studies from San Francisco State University. She works as a sex educator and writer. What inspired your article “The Study of Sex?” I’m actually the […]

So I was at Cornelia St. Cafe one Sunday afternoon to listen to some Jazz. I noticed that they have various reading series: Greek, Italian, Armenian…(I’d even read once in Dean Kostos’ GREEK AMERICAN WRITERS series). So I asked Angelo, who runs the room, if they’d be interested in something Jewish. He said “Jewish? I’m […]

After the Writers’ Strike

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After a hundred days of protest, the Writers Guild of America is returning to work. Does the negotiated agreement constitute a “win” or a “loss” for the labor union, for the television networks, for consumers of art? There is much disagreement and debate. The effects ripple out to tens of thousands of people, and will […]

As the Writers’ Strike Ends…

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A lil’ humor for ya:

When we first joined the TV blogs in not posting in solidarity with the Writers Guild strike, for not just a day, but until the strike ended, we didn’t know, nor anticipate, that the strike would continue for as long as it has. As time has continued, we’ve found that silence in solidarity has been […]

Today, a number of TV blogs are shutting down in solidarity with the writers on strike. We’re a blog with many writers who support our work and write for us. We’ve enjoyed the promise of new media as an open source venue for our voices. Now, we’re shutting down our site in solidarity with writers […]

I read the passage from the Bible without a mistake, my voice firm, the fringe of the talit falling over my haunches and hindquarters, one front hoof pawing the ground — as it always did when I was nervous. “Now,” said my father when I had finished, “you are truly a Jew.” — from The […]